Older man talking on a cell phone in his home utilizing VoIP, a Viasat internet add-on
Viasat Voice

Get feature-packed, reliable, and affordable home phone service with Voice, which also connects multiple smartphones so you never miss a call.

Woman holding a credit card, entering its number securely onto her laptop
Viasat Shield

Protect your home internet network from common online security threats with Viasat Shield.

 A customer support representative discussing internet packages wtih a customer on a headset, sitting behind a computer

Enjoy an extra level of support with EasyCare for only $8.99/month.

Woman holding her cell phone, sitting at a laptop featuring the Viasat Browser
Viasat Browser

Get Viasat Browser, the fastest browser option available for Viasat Internet, which also offers online privacy and helps reduce data usage.

A couple watching sports on TV over internet with their home internet bundle
DISH Satellite TV

Combine Viasat Internet with DISH TV for your whole home internet and entertainment solution!

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Have questions about Viasat satellite internet service? 

Explore our frequently asked questions (FAQ) page to find the answers you need.

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